dotnet with Docker on Linux

andrei mustata

Trainer: Andrei Mustata

Places available : 17

Registration: Eventbrite


Schedule:  February 22nd, 14:00-18:00

Microsoft gave us some great (sharp) languages and a great platform where to run them. Sure, we all love Windows, but there’s a few other popular OSs out there and their communities are doing amazing things themselves. Fortunately, a few years back MS decided to make me a happy camper and go even more into OSS and support those other platforms, as well (yay!). With this they’ve tapped into the larger sea of opportunities and technologies that they’ve had over there.

One of those things being, of course, docker containers. We’ll dive into these

  • Hint: I’m writing this on a web-app made by a company rhyming with -oogle and it’s going to be posted on a web site running
  • Why Linux (?)
  • Why dotnet (just kidding, but we’ll go over dotnet core)
  • Why docker? + Cover some basic docker concepts
  • Create images from scratch (Dockerfile)
  • All together now, wrap the dotnet application in a container
  • docker-compose: run the system locally (+database)
  • Add a container for running tests, (maybe?)
  • TBC
  • Linux OS or Linux VM (we will provide Vagrantfile)
  • Basic C#
  • Basic dotnet cli commands
  • Text editor, e.g. VS Code
  • Laptop
  • Visual Studio or Code or your preferred editor