Clean Code: Dive beyond the theory

ncle Bob said that even bad code can function but if code isn’t clean it can bring a development organization to its knees. I subscribe, but more than that, I know it can bring you as a developer to your knees no matter how bright, trustful and committed you are. Constantly, significant resources are lost because of code that is written in a sloppy way. However that can be changed by having discipline and  creating awareness regarding best practices. This workshop mainly focuses on how to build good code out of bad code, transform it in such way it reaches maximum readability and how to use unit testing to keep it clean.

Through imediate practice you will learn how professional software developers write code that is easy to read, understand and maintain. You will be able to understand how to integrate those principles in your code right away.

  • Why is having clean code so important? The benefits of using the clean code principles
  • Professionalism, craftsmanship and clean code.
  • Write code that is easy to understand, extend and maintain
  • The boy scout rule: leave the code a little better than you found it
  • Learn how to structure your code blocks


  • Every participant will have his/her own laptop.
  • An IDE/code editor of choice.

Mihaela Ghidersa

Date & time 22/02, 9:00 - 13:00 Location FabLab , Room 3 Places Available 17
Registration Closed