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About .NET Days conference

dotnetdays.ro is a .Net and Microsoft related conference in Iasi, Romania.

The goal is to provide a platform where developers can exchange knowledge and experiences about .Net and connected technologies. This .Net conference is about meeting people, learning and growing a craftmanship culture

  • dotnetdays is a Non-profit Community Conference.
  • All the speakers and staff engage on a voluntary basis because they want to support and grow .NET Community.
  • dotnetdays.ro conference is organised  this year with the support of Fortech
  • We want dotnetdays.ro to deliver high quality tracks and workshop
What we're interested in:

We are also interested in topics like:

  1. Performance
  2. Functional Programming
  3. Web
  4. Cloud
  5. Architecture ( Microservices, SOA, Event Driven etc)
  6. Latest technologies
  7. Front-end in relation with back-end

We want to learn from the best. We know that crafting code involves a lot of technologies. So, this is not only about .Net and C#.




Keynote speakers

Meet our most valued speakers


Solutions Architect, Mentor

Software Architect, 10 years experience, gained on 4 continents. Javascript Mentor and trainer.


Software Architect

Software Architect , Microsoft Certified and CompTIA Trainer, always in a quest for latest trends and best practices in .NET and the world around it


Senior .Net Developer


Software Engineer

He started out as a .Net developer and soon realized that configuration management, integration and delivery pipelines are great and fun activties.


Solutions Architect

His interests in software development range from the small to big, from financial software to hobby embedded software development. He has a strong interests in the craft of software and product develo


Development Coordinator/ Architect

With more than 23 years in IT field and a passion for teaching he is keen to discuss a variety of topics.


Senior Scala Developer

He started programming 25 years ago and he worked in industry for the last 17 years being a Functional Programming Enthusiast.


Sofware Developer

Enjoys crafting software and drinking coffee


Senior Architect

Victor is a software architect with a passion for continuous learning, solving real problems and sharing experiences.


Software Developer

Coding and teaching represent my passion, learning is my hobby, having an impact in technology is my goal

Talks Schedule

8:00 AM
Event registration
A glance into functional programming from the point of view of the OOP developer.

The presentation is a surface analysis of some of the Gang Of Four design patterns
along with a comparison of the same problems in FP.
The demos and examples are powered by F# and C#.


Octav Zaharia
We have all used code analysis tools on our projects and these are useful for identifying code smells. The issue is that most of them treat metrics in isolation and isolated metrics can’t tell you if the design is good or bad. You need more context.
In this session we’ll see how to go beyond code smells and identify design smells and inappropriate coupling in the technical architecture. We’ll define detection strategies for common design smells (like God Class and Feature Envy) and implement them using NDepend. We’ll also see how we can define fitness functions to detect dependency violations in your application’s architecture.
Victor Chircu
The async and await keywords introduced in C# 5.0 (7+ years ago) are probably the most powerful feature of the language when it comes to writing scalable applications. Yet in spite of the fact that async has now trickled down in many other languages (like ES6), it’s still not obvious to the untrained eye what its purpose is in C# and what benefits it brings. 
If you know someone that is still “creating new threads with await” then this talk is for you.
We’re going to go chronologically backwards from ES6 to C# to see if async and await make more sense this way.
Sorin Damian

From the early days of ASP and WebForms through MVC and Razor, web development ultimately meant also writing Javascript.

Still in preview, Blazor uses the Mono library compiled to webassembly which can be run in the browser, allowing you to write .net code that is then executed by the browser, giving us access to the DOM and all browser APIs.

While I would still use react or Angular for my web needs, let’s discover what Blazor brings to the table, why is it cool, how it can be used and what alternatives exist.

Codrin Baleanu

You want to Meet, Learn. Craft ?

.NET and the world around it

Seats are limited, so make sure you get one! It’s free!


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