From REST to GraphQL

Sometimes RESTful APIs keep us bound to the HTTP protocol when it comes to shaping data. Although it is a very valid choice when it comes to transporting data, details like versioning public APIs, managing multiple endpoints, overfilling/ underfilling data or having to perform multiple calls, to fully populate an application, make us waste a lot of time and ignore some very important metrics.

In this workshop, we will see what’s GraphQL, what are the benefits of using it, how to build a simple GraphQL back-end for our .NET Core project and also how to consume this GraphQL


1.    Introduction

2.   Comparison and impressions regarding GraphQL and REST

3.   Query Language

4.  Designing a Schema

5.  Creating an API

6.  Full CRUD from REST to GraphQL


  • Some experience building REST APIs

  • Computer with git and Node version >= 9 installed

  • Some experience with C#


Mihaela Ghidersa

Date & time 25 Feb, 13:30-17:30 Location FabLab , Room 3 Places Available 17
Registration Closed