SOA Done Right


Go beyond the hype and build a solid foundation of theory and practice with this workshop on SOA development.

Join us for a two-day deep dive covering architectural topics like:

  • UI composition

  • Data ownership across the enterprise

  • Loosely coupled and autonomous services

You’ll also learn the nitty-gritty details of building production-ready systems including:

  • Fault tolerance and recoverability – HTTP and queues

  • Dealing with time and eventual consistency

  • Scalability, high availability & monitoring

Finally, get some hands-on experience in SOA development by building:

  • Scalable command-processing endpoints

  • Publish/subscribe event-processing interactions

  • Long-running multi-stage business processes and policies


We’ll understand service-oriented architecture concepts and DDD concepts such as bounded contexts and data ownership.


We’ll apply those concepts to build a simple, yet fully functional, order management system sample with a service-oriented architecture, using patterns such as command processing, pub/sub, and long-running sagas.


Skill Level


Senior developers, tech leads, and architects will benefit most from this workshop.


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Dennis van der Stelt

Date & time 26-27/02, 09:00-17:00 Places Available 24
Registration Closed