Surviving APIs

In a world dominated by APIs, where everyone seems to implement microservices, it becomes quite hard to choose a paradigm or standard on top of them that will solve all the business needs. GraphQL, REST, OData, gRPC? What to choose?

REST seems to be a de-facto standard. Despite that, many of these so-called REST APIs don’t respect the guidelines and become brittle, hard to evolve and maintain. Top that with a few references to HTTPClients for server to server communication, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

What you really need to have an API that won’t be a burden to you? How about data sharing?

In this 4 hours workshop we will model APIs that are evolvable and learn what REST is really about and how to implement it correctly using .NET. After that we will untangle dependencies by using gRPC

We will cover:

-          REST as a concept (status codes, headers, verbs)

-          Dealing with configuration in APIs

-          Modeling-endpoints starting from an existing project

-          Implement and configure WebAPI to match support REST requirements

-          Versioning strategies

-          Using HTTPClients correctly between services

-          Implement actions that respond to different custom media-types

-          Tips& tricks for performance

-          gRPC as a way of removing direct dependencies


- Some Experience with C#

- Visual Studio or your preferred IDE

- .NET Core 3.1 SDK


Irina Scurtu

Date & time 25 Feb, 9:30-13:30 Location FabLab , Room 3 Places Available 17
Registration Closed