Getting started with GraphQL in .NET

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. That sounds nice, but what is GraphQL, and how can we use it in .NET?

This workshop will give you the basics for understanding GraphQL and dive deep into advanced concepts like subscriptions. We will do this by building together a little conference planner and exploring how we can solve such a service`s problems by leveraging GraphQL.

You will learn how to build a GraphQL server in .NET and how we can consume GraphQL in Blazor WebAssembly applications. After this workshop, you will know what GraphQL is. You will learn how to build GraphQL servers in .NET and various concepts of building a GraphQL schema.

Let’s get the basics right.

- Introduction to GraphQL

We will explore what GraphQL is and what it is not and compare it to other service API technologies like REST and gRPC.

- Query Language

What is the query language, and how can we apply it?

- Schema Definition Language / Type System

Overview of the GraphQL schema definition language and exploration of the GraphQL type system.

- Schema Design Approaches

We will look at design principles for GraphQL schemas.

Putting GraphQL to use.

- Building a GraphQL Server in .NET

Let’s start applying our GraphQL knowledge! We will take GraphQL for a ride and build

with it, step by step, a small slack clone that uses a wide range of GraphQL features like subscriptions, filters, persisted queries, and many more things.

- Tools, Tools, Tools

We will try out several GraphQL tools and see what we can do with them and our slack endpoint.

- Building a GUI Blazor for our GraphQL Server

We will pick up Blazor and build with it a simple real-time UI that uses our slack endpoint.


Michael Staib

Date & time 18 Feb, 09:30-17:30 Location Online Places Available 20
Registration Closed