What sorcery is this? How Software uses Dark Patterns to Manipulate Users

You've signed up for that streaming service, but now you can't unsubscribe. You put a single item in your basket, and somehow there are now also two warranties in there. Boxes of vitamin supplements are piling up every month like a subscription, but you are absolutely sure you only bought one bottle! Not to mention, you bought way too much online. You're sitting on a big pile of stuff you don't really want, and you feel bad about it because now you're way over budget! If you've had something like this happen then you've experienced a dark pattern - which is something software does to trick you into taking an action you wouldn't have otherwise taken. In this talk, you'll learn how to spot these dark patterns. You'll also learn how to avoid them, both when using software as well as when creating it. We'll look at a few physical world examples of dark patterns too.
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Rachel Appel