About Us

About dotnetdays.ro conference

dotnetdays.ro is a .NET & Software Architecture conference in Iasi, Romania .

dotnetdays brings the .NET community in together for in-depth technical talks and workshops.

A great lineup of speakers will talk about the latest technologies and trends in .NET and Microsoft Azure


  • provide a platform where developers can exchange knowledge and experiences about .NET and connected technologies.
  • We reflect the energy and enthusiasm of .NET Community members
  • Put Iasi on the map as a powerful .NET Community
  • Help .NET community to keep up with the new wave of technologies

All the speakers and staff engage on a voluntary basis because they want to support and grow the .NET Community.

We want to get hands-on experience from the best

We are about .NET, meeting people, learning and growing a craftsmanship culture.

  • .NET, .NET Core
  • Software Architecture
  • Cloud Development
  • Web
  • Performance
  • Patterns
  • New technologies
  • Project experiences & Techical stories

Why .NET?

Large Community

Widely used

Open Source




Large community