Distributed Tracing in .NET 6 using OpenTelemetry

Distributed Tracing has been around for a while, but was always quite niche, reserved for the Netflix and Amazon's of the world. With your company likely looking more at Microservices as a path forward to scale and modernisation, you will almost certainly start to think about debugging and monitoring this in production. Luckily, there's a new(ish) project that is here to help, and provide familiar hooks into your applications to get the vital information you need to have confidence in your production environment. We'll walk through what distributed tracing is, how it relates to Observability (o11y), and then run through some examples of how to get started with it in your .NET Core applications. Finally, we'll demo a few different backends for storing and visualizing the data, Jaegar (OpenSource) and Honeycomb.io (Hosted)
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Martin Thwaites