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George Onofrei

Software Architect


During my 11+ years of development, I've worked with individuals, startups, and established enterprises to meet their business needs, often in the online domain. It is not always simple to move a project from the planning to the production stages, but a strong team with the correct motivation may succeed at any moment.

I am a firm believer in Agile teams (programmers, testers, business analysts, marketers, you name it) that collaborate to enhance the development process and offer the business the tools it requires to generate money and remain ahead of the competition.

I am enthusiastic about code quality; therefore, anything related to code refactoring, application architecture, design patterns, enterprise architecture, and any standards that take software to the next level piques my attention.


Throughout the years, I've shifted from backend-only development to full-stack development to address a wider variety of customer requirements and learn software development from as many perspectives as possible. I'm focused on the most recent stable technology to capitalize on its advantages while minimizing risks to match business plans.
On the backend, I've mostly worked with.NET and C#, as well as NodeJs and TypeScript. On the front end, I often use Angular and React, both of which are always written in TypeScript.