Learn how to build a full ASP.NET Core 7 application

Learn how to build an ASP.NET Core application using .NET 7. We'll start from the basics, and cover data access, Minimal APIs, security, deployment, and more. You'll finish the day with a working application and lots of ASP.NET Core smarts!

In this workshop, you'll learn by building a full-featured ASP.NET Core application from scratch. We'll start from File/ New and build up to an API back-end application, a web front-end application, and a common library for shared data transfer objects using .NET Standard.

Build the back-end API with basic EF model

Finish the back-end API and EF model, refactor into view models

Add front-end, set up front-end models

Add authentication, add admin policy

Deployment, Azure and other production environments, configuring environments, diagnostics


Blazor Front-end


  • Visual Studio 2022 or JetBrains Rider or VS Code
  • .NET 7

Jon Galloway

Date & time 20-21 APR 2023, 9:30-17:30 Places Available 20