Reliable Messaging with Azure

In this two days workshop, attendees will learn the fundamentals of reliable messaging with Azure using examples in C# .NET.

We will start from using Queue Storage as a simple, cost-effective and durable message queue to effectively decouple components and increase the resilience as well as scalability.

Once familiar with the simple queuing technology, we will dive deep into the feature rich Service Bus that provides all the bells and whistles for building robust and reliable applications leveraging the publish/subscribe pattern.

After having explored those two messaging services, we will end the day with a sneak peek at Event Hubs that allows streaming millions of events per second to build real-time data ingestion services. Finally, we will learn how to uniquely leverage the power of Event Grid to combine messaging services to leverage their full potential without polling.

Armed with the knowledge of these four reliable messaging services in Azure, you'll have a good understanding of the benefits and usage scenarios to clearly distinguish when to use what. Furthermore, you will have had the first practical experience of writing reliable code against those services, giving you a head-start for your career building reliable messaging solutions in Azure.


Daniel Marbach

Date & time 18-19 APR 2024, 9:30-17:30 Places Available 20